Eye Lift Tape

Place of Origin:Shandong,China
Product name:Eyelash Tape
Color:Pink/ Green/ White
Weight:12g/pcs , 0.3kg per box
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Product Details

Benefits of eye lift tape

This product is soft, comfortable and breathable, reducing skin irritation.

The surface of 

1.eye lift tape is designed with pores, which is soft, comfortable and breathable, and will not harm the skin.

2.This product has a soft texture and good comfort. It sticks to the skin and does not have a foreign body sensation

3.eye lift tape is closer to the skin than ordinary tape

4.This product has a delivered with moderate stickiness, and the design of pores effectively reduces the pain and tearing when the tape is removed, and does not damage the skin stratum corneum.

5.This product has a made of anti-allergic and low irritation material, which can better reduce skin irritation when used for grafting isolation or lifting eyelids

6.This product can be selected as much as you use, it will not cause waste, and it is a good item to save resources

The emergence of eye lift tape reduces the cost of eyelash grafting and improves the cost-effectiveness of the product. Because of its convenience, comfort, speed, and no damage to the skin, it has become the first choice for many eyelash artists when grafting eyelashes. It saves time and space to a certain extent, and can be used for multiple purposes


Eyelash tapes


Machine made


Eyelash Grafting


Soft Colorful Easy to tear

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