Eye Gel Patch

Name:Eye Gel Patch
Color:white and so on
Package:pink,blue,purple.white,or customize
Feature:Mild,no side effect
Volume:one pair per tray
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Product Details

How to apply eyelashes?

1. Measure the length and start applying glue. Do not apply too much. A little bit of good false eyelash glue is enough, it can be attached very firmly, and it is easy to clean up after drying. You can properly add a little more to the front of the eye and the end of the eye to reinforce it. If you apply too much, it will spill to the side when it is applied to the eyelids, and it will be very uncomfortable on the eyelashes. (Eye Gel Patch must be attached to protect clean skin)

2. After applying the glue, don't apply it to the eyelid immediately. Instead, wait 10-15 seconds for the glue to be in a semi-dry state. At this time, the glue is the most viscous and sticks the most firmly. (Once the glue is applied, paste it immediately, it must not be strong)

3. Look down to reveal the entire eyelid. The angle of the false eyelash stickers should be slightly upward, not too flat. Taiping posts are not pretty. Just lift it up a little~ Another important thing is that the closer the false eyelashes are to your real eyelashes, the more realistic they look.

4. Use flat tweezers to clamp the middle of the false eyelashes near the root. Visually, the outside of the false eyelashes is aligned with the outer corner of the eye. Then align it with the middle point and stick it up. Put it on the eyelid, above the real eyelashes (don’t stick it on the real eyelashes). After the middle is pasted, immediately let go of the tweezers. Then, clamp the outer roots of the false eyelashes and glue the tail of the eye (you can still see a little white glue at this time, but don’t worry, it will become transparent after a while), and then the corner of the eye, which is the same as the tail of the eye. Clamp the root of the false eyelashes and send it to the inner corner of the eye. At this time, the entire false eyelashes are basically attached, but they are not the strongest. There may still be a little gap in the middle. You can use one finger to gently push the entire false eyelashes in, so that the base and the eyelids fit perfectly. This way the false eyelashes will be attached~~ (The whole piece is fastened, and after proficiency, it can be attached to both eyes in about 2~3 minutes). It is hard to see it after attaching the false eyelashes with the transparent base. If there is a trace, you can use a flat-head brush to dip black eye shadow on the eyeliner. (Eye Gel Patch can be removed, and the most beautiful you will appear!)


Product name

Eye Gel Patch


7.5*3.5cm or customized


Eyelash extension 


100 pieces




1. How about sample policy?

If we have the sample in stock, we will provide free sample to you. 

If we don't have any in stock, you should pay the sample fee. But the sample fee will be returned to you after order confirmation.Sample fee is charged by the shipping company . Client should pay it.

2. When do your products expire?

Each product comes with an expiration date on the package.

For example, the back of our eye shadow palettes have an image of a small container with the number 24. This means that the eye shadows expire 24 months after the package is opened. However, products have potential to last longer with good care.

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