Empty Eyelash Case

Name:Eyelash packaging boxes
Type:Hand Made
Place of Origin:China
Meterial:plastic box and carton
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Product Details

                                                         empty eyelash case

 The empty eyelash case is like people's clothes,It can not only cover the leaky body, but also give us extra points. Its exquisite coat will give people a different feeling.

The empty eyelash case is very important. If you sell the eyelashes alone, it will look unattractive and unfashionable and may damage the eyelashes itself. With the packaging, the whole eyelashes will be a little high-end and atmospheric, which will attract people’s attention more. It is presented in a different image. In people's field of vision, let people not only look at eyelashes but pay more attention to the style of the outer packaging, because modern is a very important word in society, and many people have become the control of the appearance.

Although the outer packaging is very important, the quality of the eyelashes is also very important. If I am a buyer, I still see the quality of the eyelashes first, and then his outer packaging. The outer packaging in my eyes can only be For him to add points, but not all, but I very much agree that the exquisite packaging is very important.

So come to cogentlashes to find me, behind our beautiful and exquisite box, it is more of a guarantee of the quality of our eyelashes.


1. What is your MOQ?

20 pairs

2. What are the materials about your boxes?

Cartons and plastic

3. Do you take orders for private labels?

Yes. We do. But the MOQ  is 300 trays.

4. What is your lead time for a new order?

Almost styles are in stock. Please contact us further information.

5. How much will my shipping charge be?

The shipping charge will depend on the weight and volume of your order, shipping methods, and your final destination.

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