Christmas Lashes Box

Name:Christmas Lashes Box
Place of Origin:China, Shandong
Service:OEM ODM
Color:Customized color
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Christmas Lashes Box:

With the changes in the world, writers began to describe Santa Claus as the image with a white beard we are familiar with today. At the same time, different countries and cultures have different interpretations. The red apple, as the best blessing, is just like our Christmas Lashes Box. In Germany, it is said that Santa Claus travels in a two-wheeled carriage to observe people's behavior, especially children. If they behave well, they will get many prizes such as apples, nuts, sugar, and bad children will be lashed. With an idea, parents have adopted this legend to encourage children to be obedient. So if you get Christmas Lashes Box, good luck will also come. And the meaning is also very beautiful, best wishes to the best you. Now, Santa Claus has become a symbol of Christmas. The image of this happy old man who drove reindeer, pulled a sleigh full of toys and gifts, and gave gifts to each child from house to house, has been deeply remembered by people. If you like, I will also give you an Christmas Lashes Box with a Christmas look. Welcome to contact us!





Q1. Is this Mink Eyelashes is 100% hand made?
Q2.Can Mink Eyelashes be used many times?
Yes,it can be used many times if they are used and removed properly.
Q3.How do I take care of the lashes?
You must cleanse your lashes daily and brush them. We will provide you with a brush and gentle cleanser.
Q4.Does mix order acceptable?
Yes, you can decide which styles or length or size that you want to order.
Q5.Can I swim with lashes?
Yes! You can swim in both salt and chlorine water, but we do suggest washing your lashes as soon as possible afterwards.

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