Christmas Eyelash Box

Name:Christmas Eyelash Box
Place of Origin:China, Shandong
Service:OEM ODM
Meterial:Plastic box
Color:Customized color
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Product Details

The eyelashes used for grafting are generally taken out of the Christmas Eyelash Box containing the eyelashes by using pointed tweezers to hold the eyelashes.

How to graft eyelashes:

1. Clean and dry the dirt on the eyelashes.

2. Isolation-Cut the appropriate size of the isolation film (can be medical tape, eye mask, eye sticker), separate the upper and lower eyelashes.

3. Straighten out-use eyelash comb or tweezers to straighten out the eyelashes one by one from Christmas Eyelash Box.

4. Selection--The eyelash artist needs to choose suitable eyelashes of different materials and put them on the water table according to the length of the customer's eyelashes (it can also be a soft cushion or a clean non-woven fabric).

Eyelash beauty techniques:

(1) Follow the principle of short, medium long, and slightly longer.

(2) Generally, it needs to be 1/3 longer than your own eyelashes.

5. Grafting

(1) Shake the glue for eyelash grafting, the purpose is to shake the minerals evenly,

(2) Squeeze an appropriate amount of black glue on the glue table, take less glue each time, and take glue frequently.

(3) Clamp the end of the eyelash fiber with tweezers from Christmas Eyelash Box, poke about 2/3 of the root into the glue, and then gently drag it out.

(4) The glued eyelashes are glued to the side of the real eyelashes, 0.5--1mm away from the skin, not more than 1.5mm.



Q1.Why choose mink fur hair eyelashes? 
A:The difference is in the quality! Mink hair is 100% natural. It provides a subtle non-artificial shine and has a feather like wispy look. Our lashes can be curled like human hair, and can be worn many times with proper care. Synthetic eyelashes, although cheaper, are fake, unnatural when worn, and can only be used a few times.
 Q2:How many times can be used? 
A:20-30 times in proper and gentle way. 
Q3:How do you get the mink fur?
A:It is collected when minks fall their hair every year. 
Q4:Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM? 
A:Yes,sure.We can make custom packaging for you.You just need to send the logo,and we will make the design,confirm,print and use for your lash orders. 
Q5:Do you accept sample order? 
A: yes,of can choose models you like as samples to test.

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