Chef Plating Tweezers

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Material:Stainless Steel
Color:Black, Blue, Red, Pink,Green,yellow,Customized color
Packing:Customized Packaging
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1. How to hold Chef Plating Tweezers

The execution method is to hold straight tweezers in the left hand and curved tweezers in the right hand. Some people are accustomed to holding the left and right hands. But whether you are left-handed or not, you have to hold straight tweezers in your left hand and curved tweezers in your right hand! The thumb and middle finger are used to hold the tweezers, and the index finger is used for auxiliary use. The force used by the fingers is commonly called "yin force" in the beauty industry, rather than force of death. This is to avoid excessive force and can be easily grafted, and it will not cause too much force to make mistakes. The method of holding the tweezers is the most important point in the safe grafting. Always confirm that no bad habits have formed.

2. First, let the curved Chef Plating Tweezers loosen the false eyelashes, and separate the false eyelashes one by one. Be careful not to use excessive force. It feels that you can easily remove the hair from the root and stop the action.

3. Take the hair correctly

The usual hand-held curved Chef Plating Tweezers, where the grip of the tweezers is almost perpendicular to the false eyelashes, use the tweezers to clamp the one-third of the pointy end of the eyelashes, and directly extract the elongated eyelashes diagonally, do not pull in the opposite direction of the false eyelashes Remove the hair, which will cause the false eyelashes to deform or bend.

Place of Origin

Shandong, China


Stainless Steel


Black, Blue, Red, Pink,Green,yellow,Customized color


Customized Packaging



Q1Wonder if you accept small orders?

A1: Do not worry. Feel free to contact us .in order to get more orders and give our clients more convener ,we accept small order.


Q2Can you send products  to my country? 

A2: Sure, we can. If you do not have your own ship forwarder, we can help you. 


Q3Can you do OEM for me?

A3: We accept all OEM orders,just contact us and give me your design.we will offer you a reasonable price and make samples for you ASAP.

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