3D Silk Eyelashes

Product Type: 3D silk eyelashes
Brand Name: Cogentlashes
Material: Korean PBT fiber
Feature: strong 3D effect,top quality,soft and natural lookong
Swevice: free sample
OEM&ODM: accepted
Package&LOGO: customize
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Product Details

If you love wear 3D silk eyelashes, you should take more care of false eyelashes, remove eyelashes, protect your eyelids and your own true eyelashes to use more false eyelashes. Don't put on a false eyelash to pull off the real eyelashes, if that will cry really won't win. So how to remove the 3D silk eyelashes ? Please see the following:

Step 1: First use a cotton swab to remove the eye and lip makeup remover and apply it back and forth several times at the root of the eyelashes. Let the make-up remover react with the glue.

Step 2: From the end of the eye, gently pinch the eyelashes and gently pull forward to remove the false eyelashes. Is not it simple? Really don't want anything to go straight to violence and tear!

Step 3: After removing the eyelashes, pay attention to cleaning and storage. Careful maintenance of false eyelashes can make good quality false eyelashes reuse more than 20-30 times! After each removal, apply the eye and lip makeup remover or make a bubble in the make-up remover, and thoroughly remove the glue from the false eyelashes with tweezers.

Then put the 3D silk eyelashes on a paper towel or towel, use a cotton pad or eyebrow brush to gently wipe a brush and brush from the root to the front. After cleaning and collecting, it is best to use the eyelash storage box with more false eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are deformed, don't use them.

Product Type

3D silk eyelashes

Brand Name



Korean PBT fiber


strong 3D effect,top quality, soft and natural looking


free sample






reuse 20-30 times



1:Do you have your own factory?

  Yes, we have .

2:Can I print our own logo for the sets?

Of course,We accepted OEM and ODM.

3: What's the price range for each pair of eyelash?

  Please contact us for special lashes price based on special styles.

  Please feel free to contact us if you have anyfurther problen.we will try our best to answer your questions as soon as  possible.

                        Wish you a happy shopping!!!


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