25mm 3D Mink Eyelash

Material:Siberian mink fur Type:Hand Made False Eyelashe Type:Full Strip Lashes False Eyelashes Band:transparent plastic/black cotton stalk False Eyelashes Style:Thick Place of Origin:CN;SHN color:natural black package:1 pair per tray payment:paypal, western union, T/T, moneygram MOQ:100 Trays
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Product Details

The style of 25mm 3D mink eyelash can be divided into exaggerated European and American styles and sweet and lovely Japanese. The characteristics of false eyelashes in Europe and America are relatively concentrated, suitable for girls with prominent eye contours, or want to create a stage effect; Japanese false eyelashes are actually produced in Taiwan, the effect is more natural, sweet, suitable for oriental eye shape.

In terms of price, expensive price and cheap price are not the only distinction between quality. If you are careless, the daily cheap fake eyelashes are more suitable for you; if you belong to the storage person, the expensive eyelashes are also worth investing if you want to buy art. Eyelashes, then you must buy a brand, the effect is beautiful and there will be no cheap impression.

hoose natural Japanese 25mm 3D mink eyelash as much as possible in daily life, and consider some exaggerated and artistically strong European and American false eyelashes, such as rhinestones or feathers, when attending some theme parties or grand dinners. Some limited edition false eyelashes can be used both as a party decoration and as a collection. You can also create a new look with two different false eyelashes.

In order to facilitate the natural effect, the first-time users can use 25mm 3D mink eyelash with soft stems or transparent stems. They mimic natural eyelashes and stick to the eyes without leaving too obvious marks. In terms of color selection, Asian women are recommended. Use black or dark coffee, these two colors are closest to Asian eyelash colors.