3D Mink Eyelashes

The raw material of Our 3D mink eyelashes is siberian mink fur with top grade quality. Stereo effect with 3D mink lash make you eyes look bright and deep, it is more soft and fluffy. There are various styles for your reference.
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Product Details

3D mink eyelash are more widely used in make-up. It has a role to play in increasing the eyes and enhancing the charm of the eyes.To stick 3D mink eyelash, the first step should be figure out the type of eye and false eyelashes.For example, the eye shape  is a European double eyelid  so it is more appropriate to choose more exaggerated false eyelashes! However, someone are single eyelids, so it is not suitable for curly eyelashes like European and American makeup!

In addition, according to the type of use, there are several categories of doll eyelashes, film eyelashes, artificial eyelashes, and individual eyelashes.

The stem of the 3D mink eyelash is generally divided into three types: fish line, cotton thread and plastic.The cotton stalk is soft and fits without eyelids, but the disadvantage is that the tearing is easy to bend, and the recycling rate is not high!



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