25mm 3D Wispy Mink Eyelashes

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Model Number:Real Mink Eyelash
Type:Hand made
Quality:Soft,natural,high quality
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                                      25mm 3D Wispy Mink Eyelashes

Why more and more people choose 25mm 3D Wispy Mink Eyelashes,Classification of eyelash extensions from the material.Let us compare the following three.

Synthetic eyelashes:Advantages: low price, diverse styles, individual colors can be selected.Disadvantages: The material is harder, heavier, and easy to crush the eyelashes.

Silk protein fiber eyelashes:Advantages: The weight is the lightest among the three, it is not easy to collapse the eyelashes, and has a certain shape and curling degree.Disadvantages: fewer styles, among the three.

Mink fur

Advantages: close to real hair, soft and natural hair, good gloss

Disadvantages: Like human hair, the curl is easy to drop when exposed to water, and there is no choice of thickness

Natural real hair

Advantages: soft, natural, but need care

Disadvantages: Most natural eyelashes are fakes. Even if they have, they will be dull because of lack of vitality, especially they are not elastic, waterproof, and not suitable for eyelash grafting.

All in this way 25mm 3D Wispy Mink Eyelashes is the best.Our company has been committed to making eyelashes for more than 15 years and has very rich experience in making eyelashes.

So please contact me.We have the strongest team to support operations,Seamless connection, please trust us.

cosmetic effect



FUR, softest faux mink/synthetic


10 pairs per style





1. What is the MOQ for our camellia eyelash extensions?
---A: 1 box, of course the larger quantity can get the more discount.
2. Can I get a sample order online?
---A: Yes, of couese, please contact us.
3. Can I have our own lashes package for my private labels?
---A: Sure, do please tell us the details.
4. How long does the producing and delivery time?
---A: Samples are in stock can be shipped out anytime, large order is around 10 days, delivery time is 3-7days by Express service.

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