Magnetic False Eyelash

Place of Origin:Shandong,China
Product name:Magnetic eyelash and liner
Type:Hand made
Material:Koeaan PBT fiber
False Eyelashes Terrier:Black Cotton Stalk
Package:Accept Customized Package
Color:Natural Black
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Product Details

Why choose magnetic false eyelash ?

Ordinary false eyelashes are not only unfriendly to the opponent's remnant party, but they may also fall off if they stick to the side for a long time and are crooked.

It is more likely to cause eye infections due to multiple use and improper use, which can cause bacteria to grow.

Recently, the very popular one-second makeup magnet eyelashes, it is not easy to take off makeup and can swim in the water, it is a miracle in the eyelash world. As the name suggests, magnetic eyelashes are directly attracted by magnets without applying glue!

Although magnetic eyelashes have appeared before, they have not become popular due to the difficulty of hand manipulation and easy wear.

Unlike any other magnetic eyelashes, this magnet eyelashes are purely artificial and non-machine, making the eyelashes comfortable and soft, and can be used 30 times~

And the use of ultra-micro magnet design means

The magnet is almost invisible, it feels very light, and there is no foreign body sensation. You may forget that you are wearing it after a long time. In addition, this eyelash is very lovely-it will not fall off!

Even in the water, it can maintain its beauty. It is a must-have for the pseudo-nude makeup for swimming, hot springs and other water activities!

As for how to put it on, it's really simple.

Magnetic false eyelash is equipped with magnets at both ends, and the part of the eyelashes with magnets is underneath, and a small piece of eyelashes that are also magnetic is needed.

Using the principle of magnet attraction between opposite sexes, there is no need to use any glue, as long as the two pieces of false eyelashes are clamped in a "sandwich way", the real eyelashes can be fixed successfully.

Don’t worry about makeup removal and eyelash shifting!

But even if we think about closing our eyes slightly, placing the magnetized eyelashes behind the roots of the eyelashes, and then using another piece of magnetized false eyelashes underneath it for 2 seconds to complete, there will definitely be a handicapped party complaining, "How do I apply it!" ".

So we have specially equipped with an iconic custom-designed applicator, which is equivalent to an eyelash curler, so you can wear it without any effort!



Korean PBT fiber




Daily makeup


Lightweight and Fluffy


Black or clear


20-30 times


Paper box/magnetic box/plastic box








Q 1: How many kinds of eyelash materials do you have?

A: We can provide different materials, such as mink skins, synthetic fibers, artificial minks and so on.

Q 2: Do you provide free samples?

A:Yes, of course, but I'm afraid you should bear the freight.

Q 3: Do you provide customized packaging?

A:Yes, of course. We have good connections with printing and packaging factories, so we can customize packaging with your logo and

brand. You only need to send the original image of the logo, we will make the design, and then use the confirmed logo in your

eyelash order.

Q 4: Do eyelash orders have MOQ?

A:Without MOQ, you can buy whatever quantity you need.

Q 5: How many days can you ship these products?

A: Sample order: 3-7 days, batch order: 10-15 days.

Q 6: How many eyelashes can I use?

A: 20-30 times, in an appropriate and gentle manner.

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