Faux Mink Eyelashes

Place of Origin:Shangdong, China
Name:3D Fuax Mink Lashes
Type:Hand Made
Material:Korean PBT Fiber
Length:Natural long
Thickness:Natural thickness
Color:Natural black
MOQ:20 Pairs
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Product Details

What are the techniques for novices to stick false eyelashes?

If you are a novice stage, it is best to use faux mink eyelashes, a pair of whole eyelashes, easy to stick, and the price is more cost-effective. First of all, draw the eyeliner first, so that the head and tail of the eye will not be empty after the application is completed. Novices recommend to start using the entire false eyelashes, first take it out gently with tweezers, cut off the excess stems, and then bend the eyelashes Make a bend to make it a bit curved, then apply glue on the stem, wait for ten seconds or so to blow, and use a clip to put the false eyelashes perpendicular to your eyelids and probably a little bit above your real eyelashes. Apply a little more glue to the head and tail of the eyelashes and press it hard. Open your eyes and look at it. You may need to adjust the position to match your eyeliner. There will be no gaps between the real and fake eyelashes. Novices don't need to put on the lower eyelashes, it is already great to get a pair of upper eyelashes. Girls with better double eyelids can choose cotton thread and transparent faux minjk eyelashes, which are softer and can be chosen at will, but for girls with bad eye shapes, one big and one small, inner double, and thick eyes, please be honest Give up the cotton stalks and embrace the woven stalks.

Brand Name



Korean PBT fiber

Craft Type

Hand Made


Natural thickness


Natural length

Life Time

20-30 times

Delivery Time

4-5 working days


Free Samples



1. Can I get a sample order online?
---A: Yes, name you samples we shall provide door to door Express service.

2. Can I custom lashes package for my private labels?
---A: Sure, do please tell the details.

3. Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?
---A: Yes. We can make custom packaging for you. Just show us you your logo, we can do the design work for you.

4. How long does the producing and delivery time?
---A: Samples are in stock can be shipped out anytime, large order is around 15 days, delivery time is 3-7days by Express service.

5.Do you have other models available?

--A: Yes, we have a vast range of products and also have the R&D team to develop your products according to customer demand. You can also visit our website and get our catalog.

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