3D Mink Hair Lash

Place of Origin:Shandong,China
Model Number:CB-001
Type:Hand made
Material:Faux Mink
False Eyelashes Terrier:Black Cotton Stalk
Package:Accept Customized Package
Color:Natural Black
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Product Details


1. Every time you finish using 3D Mink Hair Lash, you must paste it back into the collection box according to the left and right eyes (the head of the eye is short and the tail is long).

2. There is glue on the used false eyelashes, you can borrow some of its stickiness and stick it back to the collection box, and then remove the glue next time you use it.

3. If there is glue on the eyelashes, you can moisten it with a cotton swab and gently pull it out. Please be careful not to use excessive force.

4. Since this product is made of 100% natural hair, the process of getting wet and then drying will make the hair frizzy. Please use it carefully and minimize the number of exposure to water.

Generally speaking, choose 3D Mink Hair Lash according to the different makeup effects you want to achieve, or choose according to your own eye shape. For example, if you want to make your eyes round, choose the middle-length false eyelashes; for innocent makeup or feminine eye makeup, you can choose extended-end false eyelashes; daily lighter makeup should choose natural, not too thick. The stems of 3D Mink Hair Lash should not be too hard or too soft. A moderate degree is the best and most suitable for new students. If you are shopping online, you must first consult the firmness of the stem. Generally, the best-selling styles with good quality and reputation are very comfortable to use.



Synthetic fur




Daily makeup


Double 3D Layer/Lightweight Tapered Fibers/Effect/Fluffy/Dramatic/Soft band




20-30 times


Paper box/magnetic box/plastic box


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